1. Will I lose the rights to my ebook when I submit?
    • No, the author retains full rights of their ebook after submitting, and their ebook may be removed from the contest at any time.
  2. What happens if I include my ebook in the Indie Author Project?
    • If you choose to opt-in to the Indie Author Project, you will still retain full rights of your ebook, and you will have the opportunity to have it distributed in libraries across the United States and Canada, increasing visibility and discoverability for your work. If you choose to remove your ebook from the Indie Author Project at any time, simply contact us and it will be removed.
  3. What happens if I choose not to include my ebook in the Indie Author Project?
    • If you choose to opt out of the Indie Author Project, your ebook will only be distributed on the BiblioBoard platform so that the BCALA-appointed panel has access to judge your work. It will not be available to anyone outside of the BCALA-appointed panel and the technology support team, and once the contest has ended it will be removed.
  4. Is there a minimum publication date required to submit to the contest?
    • No, as long as your book meets the other contest criteria, it can be submitted, regardless of when it was published.